100 Books in 2012: #3

Just finished Gloria by Mark Coovelis. Sooo good. I honestly could not stop it. It took me only 3 days to read, between work, class, and placement. Not even kidding when I say I read it on bathroom breaks in class.

It’s basically about the narrator’s sister and her murder. Her murderer, upon arrest, says that she helped him with his other murders. The story then tells the sister’s story, intertwined with the narrators, as an author writes a book to clear the sister’s name.

I know I made that sound way more confusing than necessary. Just read it! It’s dark and tempting, and delicious (can I describe a book like that?).

Next on the docket? Maybe a Dean Koontz mystery, or the book my friend just sent me to borrow, or maybe a military biography. Whatever it is, it must get read STAT. I’m behind on where I should be to reach this goal!!

1) Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
2) Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins
3) Gloria – Mark Coovelis


One thought on “100 Books in 2012: #3

  1. Thank you for reading my book. It’s never been described as delicious before.. You made my day. By the way, your nails are delicious, too.

    Mark Coovelis

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