The Great Debate: Kindle vs. Paperback

I love the feeling of books. I love seeing how far into a book I am. I love the smell of books. But now there’s a Kindle. My family and boyfriend keep saying I should switch to an e-reader once I’ve finished most of my bookshelf, but I don’t know! I mean the concept is sweet, I could carry multiple books, and it’s lighter than most paperbacks, but I feel like I look at a computer screen enough already that I’d get sick of reading. And again, I love having a bookshelf, and seeing all my options. I’m torn!!

What do you guys think??


5 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Kindle vs. Paperback

  1. I was pretty against getting a Kindle for quite awhile but I got one this Christmas and I actually like it. My local library has a terrible selection of books and I always ended up having to ask for them to borrow a book from another library. But now that I have a Kindle I can take advantage of the huge library systems e-book selection.

  2. I just have terrible luck with book collections. My dad sold all my books when I went to college, so there went my first collection. Then after college my house was hit by a tornado and then my collection was ruined again. At least with a kindle I will have the books in some form still.

  3. I could never even fathom parting with my books. They’re like old friends who you can visit anytime you want. Like you said, the way they smell, feel and look, makes a book more valuable than the convenience an e-reader provides.

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