Top 5 documentaries I can’t wait to watch

For some reason, lately I can’t get enough of documentaries. In the past 2 days my boyfriend and I have watched 2 hours of Planet Earth and fully intend to watch more tonight. Here are 5 on my must-see list.

1) It’s a girl’s world: this one’s by the National Film Board of Canada and looks at bullying in schools.

2) Generation Rx: this one looks at how quickly everyone is willing to prescribe meds for everything.

3) The Corporation: this one looks at Corporations as people and rates them on the Psychopathy Checklist. My psychopathy teacher in 4th year university mentioned this one to us.

4) Dreams of a life: about a woman and how her body wasn’t found until 3 years after her death.

5) Temple Grandin: a biography of a woman with Autism.

Any other recommendations? If you watch any of these let me know what you think!


One thought on “Top 5 documentaries I can’t wait to watch

  1. Dark Days is really good. “A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City.”

    Carts of Darkness is good,too. It is about a group of homeless guys who are addicted to speeding down hills at 60+ MPH while riding shopping carts.

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