Input Please!

So I’m beginning to notice that more people seem to read/comment on posts not about nails. Is there anything you guys would like to see more of, or suggest I write more about? 

I’m thinking about doing some more serious posts, including things like Bill C-10 (in Canada), the Mayan Underworld, etc.

Any feedback would be great!


What would you like to see more of?


One thought on “Input Please!

  1. I think just blog about whatever interests you. Things like books are always going to gain a good amount of views and comments, but I think the main thing is to stick to your personal interests, as it shows when you write about something you’re interested in. And there is nothing wrong with blogging about nails still in between other topics, of course, because clearly that’s an interest of yours! :)
    I often find my views and comments can be very unpredictable. There have been some posts that garnered very little attention when they were first put up, but then they gradually get loads of hits from search engines and become my most viewed posts, simply taking a bit longer to get there. Then sometimes I post something I think nobody will care about, and it just goes ballistic. So who knows.
    As they say, write what you know! :)

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