The End is Near! (of School)

I am SO close to being done this semester, 26 days to be precise. Man, it cannot come soon enough! Except I have a billion assignments and exams between now and then. The worst part? Season 2 of Game of Thrones started tonight, and I still need to read 300 pages of the first book before I can watch it! So sad!

Changing topics…

I love tea, and lately I’ve been hooked on creamed earl grey from Teaopia. So good! Anyway, I had all these little orange and red bags of loose leaf tea in my cupboard, and they were bugging me cause they’re so ugly. I found these cuties today at Superstore and decided they’d make my tea look so much better.

Changing topics again.. Man I’m all over the place tonight!

I saw The Hunger Games, it was AMAZING. I would probably watch it a million times over. You’ve gotta see it, even if you don’t think you’ll like it.

P.S. I would just like to thank everyone who reads this blog! You’re all awesome. I’m almost at 1000 views, maybe I’ll do something special when I reach that..


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