So Sick of Studying!

I am going insane! I can almost taste summer, so these last 2 exams have become the bane of my existence. On a lighter note, I started reading The Running Man by Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman) on the bus to my exam yesterday (no last minute cramming for me!) and it’s so intriguing. I actually am so tempted to stop studying and just finish the book. It takes place 15 years from now and is about poor people signing up for TV shows to make money for their families, and the TV shows either kill them or put them in the hospital. The main character gets signed up for the Running Man show where he has to travel around the world to survive. I definitely recommend scooping this up.

I keep meaning to do a post about this, but where do you think the best spots to buy books are? My favourites include Value Village (all less than 5 bucks, and buy 4 get 1 free); Chapters (because of plum points); garage sales/church sales (they’re always so cheap!!); and last but not least, Amazon (cheaper prices). Any other recommendations?


3 thoughts on “So Sick of Studying!

      • hmmmm… Tokyo by Mo Hayder was great, and if you are shooting for something inspiring, I suggest the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. I have lots in mind, but mostly old, not sure you have read them or not… but you can always check
        I would have gave suggested my new novel, but I didn’t place it yet on amazon, too busy with my senior year.
        Well… have a good read, and hope I helped a little

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