100 Books in 2012: #12

I’ve decided to clean out my bookshelf. I have books on there from probably 3 years ago that I have yet to touch or open. A lot of them are from when I went on a book shopping spree in downtown Toronto. I’m going to start on the top shelf and ONLY take them in order. Hopefully this will allow me to sort through and determine which ones to sell in a garage sale! 

Anywho, just finished The Running Man. So good! I loved the ending, was definitely not expecting that. I’m not usually a Stephen King fan, but this one I couldn’t put down.

1) Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
2) Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins
3) Gloria – Mark Coovelis
4) Blindsided – Richard M. Cohen
5) I Love my Rifle More Than You – Kayla Williams
6) Sing you Home – Jodi Picoult
7) Nobody Nowhere – Donna Williams
8) The Time Machine – H.G. Wells
9) Sarah Canary – Karen Joy Fowler
10) A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin
11) The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks
12) The Running Man – Stephen King


6 thoughts on “100 Books in 2012: #12

  1. I really hate Jodi Picoult. However, Karen Joy Fowler is a wonder. Sarah Canary is weird in all the right ways, but kind of a slow read.

    Good luck with your goal. I’m the same way, I have piles upon piles of unread books and yet I go out and continue to buy more.

      • I hate her because I think she’s a stock author. I think she writes the same story every time and minimally changes the details. Mostly, I dislike her because she read Dave Cullen’s Columbine book and copied every poignant detail into her school shooting novel and wrote it off as fiction even though it was the EXACT story. I think good authors take their times with books, but she’s producing books at an alarming rate that aren’t all wonderful. She’s just killing trees. I could go on, I’m really bratty about it and snobbish, haha. Didn’t mean to let that out on your blog. :)

        You should definitely read Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmel, I love that book.

  2. I am currently reading Catching Fire and I couldn’t resist I went out and bought Mockingjay because I know i’m going to go through this one fast. I always by new books and have so many older ones I haven’t read yet. I am just now getting back into reading and catching up on them because work has had me busy.

    My sister read all three of the Hungar Games books and said that I would probably be upset with the way the third one ended. Can you share any insight on how you felt about Catching Fire and Mockinjay?

    • Well, I don’t want to ruin the for you, but I was definitely shocked during Catching Fire when an announcement was made. Mockingjay however, I found a little harder to get into at first, as have a few of my friends. Trooper through it though because it definitely gets better! I would say I was satisfied with the overall ending of the series though.

      • Thank you for the honesty and not spoiling it for me. I loved the first one and the second one is not bad at all in my eyes so far. I just really was hoping that the third book would not be a total fail. I’m glad to hear that it’s not gonna be a total bore or anything. Thank you so much.

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