Budgets suck

I’ve never really been good at budgeting or saving money. I have this horrible thought process every payday, “I have X amount of money to spend, what should I buy? Oh! I need  want this and this, oh and this!” Every single payday. Now that summer’s around the corner, I really need to work on budgeting. I’ve decided to keep a mini notebook in my purse and document every purchase, payment, deposit, etc. in hopes that I can find a way to stop wasting money.  I’ve tried writing in my agenda how each pay will get divided up (phone bill, car, etc.) but somehow I always evade my “allowance” by using the handy dandy credit card. Horrible!

Do you have any budgeting tips?

This summer’s going to be a big one; not only is it my first full summer with my own car, but I’m also going to Montreal for a weekend, Niagara Falls for a night for my stepsister’s bachelorette party, and Toronto for a weekend for a 10km women’s run. And, as I’ve mentioned, summer camp!

Does anyone have suggestions for what to do/see in Montreal? We’ve been told about le bifteck (bar), and we plan to go to Old Port (Old Montreal?) and the Biodome, but I am definitely open to suggestions!

This is how I’ve been spending my homework free nights.


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