10km Training: Week 6

Last week did not go as planned, I worked out 3 times rather than 5, but I only managed to do 1 3km run. This week is off to a rough start as well, the past 2 days have been mayhem. Monday I worked 7-3 and then 4:30-9:30 at another job. Yesterday I had an interview and had to begin my immunizations, etc. for school since I’m at summer camp for 1/2 the summer. Today I’m determined to go for a run, as soon as I finish my coffee and get changed!

Monday – Fail
Tuesday – Fail
Wednesday – 4km
Thursday – Circuit Workout
Friday – Montreal

I figure in Montreal I’ll do enough walking to make up for not working out. Sucks to only get 2 workouts in this week, but what can ya do?


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