Montreal, Day 1

We left first thing Friday morning for Montreal and headed straight to the Biodome (an indoor zoo, divided into climates). It was really interesting, since I’d never been there before and it was cool to feel the humidity and heat in the tropical rainforest, then feel the cool windy air of the maple forest. It was a little small though which was disappointing considering the price we paid to get in. After the biodome, we went shopping/exploring on Ste Catharine St. I realllllllllly wanted to try oysters so we ended up at a little oyster shack that had the most amazing cajun shrimp ever.

Boyfriend’s lobster roll and my cajun shrimp.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to relax in our jacuzzi tub (the hotel decided to upgrade us for free for some reason). I have to say it was the best surprise ever to walk into our room and stumble upon this. We were too tired and relaxed after wine in the jacuzzi to go out.


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