Montreal, Day 2

I’ve never had to walk so far to get meals in my life. For some reason on our second day in Montreal it felt like all we were doing was walking kilometre upon kilometre to get to food! We went to Eggspectation for breakfast after failing miserably to find a place to have crepes in Old Montreal.

For lunch,  attempted to find this taco truck called Grummen 78, and after walking for what felt like hours, we found it..closed! Defeated, we went to Mcdonald’s instead and had blizzards to cheer us up.

For dinner because the weather was so nice we decided we had to eat on a patio. We stumbled upon this indoor/outdoor 2 floor patio that was so pretty. It was a building, but had no roof, and huge windows everywhere. It felt like we were outside despite having 4 walls around us. There were 2 floors of whimsical tables, and a live jazz band playing in the background. The food was delicious and they had pitchers of sangria (also delicious!)

Melon Sangria

Our dinners

After dinner we went back to the hotel to relax a bit before going out (but again, we never made it out!) :(


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