100 Books in 2012: #18

I just finished Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Now the story isn’t one that I would typically seek out to read, however I enjoyed The Time Traveler’s Wife so much that I decided to give this book a shot. Essentially, it’s about the relationships twins have. The beginning of the book provides a set of twins, Valentina and Julia, with their aunt’s will. They are told they have been given her estate, on the condition that they live there for 1 year before they sell, and that their parents never step foot in the place. I forgot to mention, said apartment is half way across the world! So the twins take it, and there is some drama, love, and paranormal. They seek to discover why their mother and aunt (also twins) became estranged and look to their neighbours for help.

The book is beautifully written, it’s so captivating that once I started it was nearly impossible to put down (I walked down my street when I got off the bus, reading!) I really enjoy Audrey Niffenegger’s style of writing. She makes even the most minute things seem beautiful and extravagant. The book is just so dark and beautiful I can’t stop gushing about it!

I am already 30 pages into Beloved by Toni Morrison and love it! Her book The Bluest Eye is also amazing.


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