Moleskine? Yes Please!

I am an agenda lover. I live and breathe by my agenda. I’m also very OCD about my agenda, I can rarely use 1 agenda for an entire year, and end up with 3-4 by the end of the year (weird, I know). I either get frustrated at how messy it looks, feel that it’s too clustered, or just get bored of it. I always come back to ones I love though, and am proud to say that this year (July 2011 – Present) was recorded almost entirely in my pocket sized Moleskine! I say almost because I did switch to 2 others throughout the year, but quickly went back to this little guy. My only issue with the pocket sized one is that I found it too small for school/work/volunteer/workout/boyfriend. My life is too busy for the little one! :(

Here’s an idea of my agenda during the school year.

This year, I decided to buy the larger size Moleskine and hopefully be able to overcome my commitment issues to agendas. I got it in the mail today and am so excited to start writing in it (June 25, please come faster!!) I bought the red one because it doesn’t have the page for notes like the pocket sized one does, instead a week takes up both pages, and each day has lines.

How beautiful does this look?

Are you an agenda fanatic too?


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