Rainbow Leopard Print Tutorial

This is my first tutorial! I know it’s not the greatest, and I promise they will get better. I actually made this tutorial for school last semester, as my public speaking assignment. We had to teach a small group of peers how to do something. It was a really interesting period actually, one guy taught us how to cleanse ourselves using an aboriginal method with smoke, some people taught ballet moves and so on. Funny story: for my presentation, the professor asked me to use a hand model, and because there was only one guy in our group, she insisted I use him. It definitely made for a more interesting presentation!

Step 1: Apply an opaque base coat. I used Sally Hansen’s White On

Step 2: Apply coloured spots throughout the nail. Make sure you don’t put a blob of polish on the nail, that will take forever to dry. I use a bobby pin and dab it on. I used Sally Hansen’s Mellow Yellow,  Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away, Wet n Wild’s Lavender Creme (it’s actually pink?!), and Claire’s Marine Blue.

Step 3: Apply a black outline to the spots. Don’t go all the way around, instead do 2 lines opposite each other. Also add some black lines   and dots on the white part of the nail. I used Sally Hansen’s black nail art pen, but you can use black liquid eyeliner too.

Step 4: Apply clear base coat about an hour after you’ve done the black lines (it will smudge if you don’t wait!)

Like I said, my photos suck. I swear my next tutorial will have much better shots. Feel free to show me your take on this!


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