I watched this movie yesterday with my brother. Not going to lie, I cried…twice.  I feel like it’s geared more towards middle school/high school aged teens (which I think is where it should be targeted!) Also, the main character is from the Hannah Montana show on the Family Channel. She did an excellent job though, your heart breaks for her.

Basically, her brother plays a prank on her, and it spirals out of control and she ends up being bullied online. She takes some drastic measures, but in the end things are okay. If I’m not mistaken, the movie is loosely based on the Meier case in Missouri. I strongly believe that students should have to see this movie, or a movie like it because they do not realize the effects of bullying online. One of the characters in the movie talks about cyberbullying in an interview; she basically says that when she was bullying online, she didn’t realize the effects of her actions since she couldn’t see the victim, compared to when you say something mean in person.

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