100 Books in 2012: #19

Just finished Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. This book was super easy to get into but got a little dry towards the middle, then I couldn’t put it down for the last 150 pages. Change of Heart is a convicted man’s journey to get his heart donated to a dying young girl following his execution. The catch? This girl just so happens to be the sister of the girl, and daughter of the husband that this man killed.

The book has kind of a religiously feel to it, as part of the book is told from the POV of his spiritual advisor, a priest, and part is told by his lawyer, who is Jewish/Atheist. Anyway, it is definitely a book that makes you think. Could you let your daughter accept the heart of the man who killed your husband/daughter before she was born?

Another thing I really liked about this book was that it always kept me on my toes. Maybe I just wasn’t perceptive enough to realize that what was about to happen was blatantly obvious, or maybe I wasn’t. Either way Jodi Picoult was able to throw things at me that I didn’t expect at all. If you’re a Jodi Picoult fan, this is one book I definitely recommend. Also, fun fact – 2 characters from one of her other books have a cameo in this one. Can you guess who/which book?

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