Protein Pancakes

My brother and I are both fairly athletic, though I’m more into running while he likes sports and bodybuilding. I’m visiting him this week at my Dad’s house, and we decided to workout together to spend some sibling quality time. I’ve seen quite a few different recipes lately that involved using protein powder, so I decided to find us a recipe and attempt to make protein pancakes. I MAY have traumatized us both in the process..

I lost the recipe I used, but it basically consisted of mashed bananas, chocolate protein powder, egg whites, cinnamon and milk. The site said that it would cook like a normal pancake, and just to flip it when it was ready to be flipped. Not the case, at least not for me. When I went to flip them, they turned into scrambled pancakes! I know they were ready to flipped because they had the bubbles inside like pancakes do when they’re ready. I finished cooking them despite their appearance, hoping they would at least taste half decent. Boy was I ever wrong! First of all, the texture came out like ground beef, and the thought of them even now makes me want to gag. They were dry and NASTY. I’ve decided not to traumatize everyone and keep the photo I took of them to myself. I tried to add raspberries and maple syrup to make them taste better. Sadly, it didn’t help.

Do you know a successful protein pancake recipe?


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