Berry Tasty!

I’ve had some quinoa sitting in my cupboard for a little while now, and just haven’t found a reason to make it. I decided to try to make this tasty looking snack yesterday. One change I made to the recipe, since I didn’t have fresh ginger, was that I sprinkled a little bit of ground ginger on top instead. I must say, I LOVE the smell of simmering quinoa, it’s just so.. toasty? heavenly? nutty? I don’t know how to describe it, but I love it! I have never had quinoa that did not have vegetables and italian salad dressing on it, so this was a huge jump to new flavours. I also hate oatmeal, and I was a little nervous that it would taste and feel like oatmeal. P.s. This is definitely a good post workout snack as it has almost 11 grams of protein!

Verdict: Heavenly. The warmth of the quinoa mixed with the cinnamon made me want to drool just smelling it! It’s definitely a good snack, I feel like it’d be great on a cold winter evening, but even now in the summer it’s amazing. I do wish I’d put a little bit more fruit in. Also, I think I would take the ginger out next time, I don’t really like it.

Did you ever notice that quinoa kind of looks like little eyes? Creepy, right?


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