New Polish Love

I took my brother to get his hair cut yesterday and while I waited I went next door to look at nail polishes. Originally I went in because OPI was on sale, but then I remembered that I was dying to get Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. I went over to the Essie display, and found out that if you bought a cube of minis you got a regular size polish of your choice free. How could I resist? The cube came with Navigate Her (pale green), To Buy or Not to Buy (lilac), Tour de France (magenta?), and Ole Caliente (orange-y red). I’ve only tried the To Buy or Not to Buy so far, but I LOVE IT! It’s such a pretty colour. The regular size Essie I got for free was called Lapis of Luxury (periwinkle blue) and I tried that out on my fingers below. I really like the colour, but I feel like it’s one of those colours that need a design on top of it.

Do you have/love any of these colours too?


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