Tea Time

I love tea. When I found out Teaopia was being bought out by Teavana, I headed straight down to buy a boatload of tea. I also got some tea filters to make my own tea bags (perfect for school, right?) Have you ever had tea from Teaopia? I LOVE their creamed Earl Grey. So delicious! While I was there, the sales associate suggested Milk Oolong since I enjoy creamy teas. Oh my goodness…..Heaven. I officially am addicted to Oolong!

As if I didn’t have enough tea, the other night I decided to try David’s Tea for the first time. I ended up splurging and buying way too much  online. I got the starter pack, a pretty glass mug and their version of the creamed Earl Grey to see if it could replace my beloved Teaopia’s. So far I’ve tried a few, I didn’t enjoy Chocolate Rocket, but LOVED Forever Nuts. My boyfriend’s sister described it perfectly; “apple crisp in tea form.” I also tried the organic Breakfast tea, it wasn’t anything special but I still liked it. When you order online they send you 3 free samples (I love them… have I said that yet?) so between those and the starter pack, I still need to try the following: Mulberry Magic, organic Saigon Chai, organic Creme Brulee, North African Mint, and Green & Fruity. So many teas, so little time!!

Fun fact: Did you know you can resteep loose leaf tea? Oolong is especially good for resteeping, but many can be resteeped at least once. I wouldn’t go past steeping a tea 3 times though.

 My whole tea collection

 Milk Oolong <3

 Agave sticks, maybe my new replacement for sugar?


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