100 Books in 2012: #28

The Shack by William P. Young is amazing. I must admit, at first I was a little leery about reading it since I’m not that into religion. However, it was such a captivating book that I feel everyone should read it! There were some parts that I had to kind of just skim because it got too religious/philosophical for me but the way he talked about our relationships with others really impacted me. The Shack discusses how present-day relationships are all about power, chains of command and hierarchy when they really should be circular, with everyone being equal. It really made me think when Papa talked about how it’s impossible for us to fathom a relationship where someone is not in charge, or where someone is more dominant than someone else. It’s true though, work, school, families, they all have hierarchies and I’m sure on some level all of our friendships do too.

I really don’t want to get too into writing about this because I feel like it will just turn into a huge essay. Anyway, I really recommend this book to you, whether you’re Christian, Atheist, Muslim, no matter what religion you are, I think you need to read this book!


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