Get Organized!

It’s the start of the school year, are you organized? My friends tease me and call me the agenda-queen since I live by my agenda (I take that baby everywhere.) So I want to give you some tips to not only get the most out of your agenda, but to also ease the stress of a new school year :).

1) Colour code. It may be hard to remember what colour stands for what, but if you write the course code in with the assignment then at a glance you’ll be able to say “okay, I have 1 thing due for this class this week.”

2) Make a to-do list each week of all the readings, printing of lecture slides, upcoming assignments to work on, and so forth that you want to accomplish.

3) Scratch things out upon finishing. It’s so gratifying to scratch something off a to-do list. Reward yourself for that 5 page paper and scratch that bad boy off your list!

4) Make a semester long chart. Sorting by courses and weeks, type up what you have due each week in each class so you can see what’s due at the beginning of each week. I get a little intense with this and further colour code this by exam, test, assignment, and placement.

5) Write down everything! Oh you have to bring something for class next week? Write it down!

6) Schedule time for working out, relaxing, hanging out with friends. Scheduling in a workout makes you feel like you have a mini-contract with yourself and you’re more likely to workout.

I hope these tips help you as much as they help me! Do you have any more tips?


One thought on “Get Organized!

  1. Ooooh I love to see organized youth! XD
    I used to that ALL the time when I was both at school and Uni. I still do it, except that I now use my phone for this. Stay organized, it will definitely pay off in the end! XD

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