Welcome to 2012…

When I was growing up, we had overhead projectors, chalkboards and sometimes the teacher had a computer. Now, six years after graduating from high school I’m amazed to see how much learning has changed! I’m currently doing a field placement in an elementary school, in a special kindergarten assessment classroom. There are only 6 children, but each one has his own Ipod, one has an Ipad, and they have smartboards! Smartboards are the coolest thing ever (maybe because I didn’t grow up with them, but I’m amazed), they are basically like an overhead projector, but you use the computer, and there are programs that allow the kids to come up to the smartboard and interact with the program. An example of this is attendance, we are working on getting our kids to say and know how to spell their names, or at least recognize them With a smartboard, they can come to the board, find their name and drag it over to “I am present today…” I’m definitely not doing these things justice, but they are too cool!

Anyway, the whole point of this ramble is that nowadays kids learn through Youtube, I remember when I was a kid, watching Bill Nye and old videos, now the teachers can quickly pull up a Youtube clip and they’re good to go. Our circle time every morning and afternoon consists of at least 5 Youtube videos, it’s awesome!

Here are some videos we often watch:

Body Parts

Skeleton Dance


Wake up Song

Solar System (I’ve probably now seen almost every video about the solar system)



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