100 Books in 2012: #30

I thoroughly enjoyed book number 30 on my list. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini was both heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. This novel is about a teenaged boy who accidentally checks himself into a psychiatric hospital after becoming suicidal. The characters he meets on the ward are hilarious. They are all so different, and so messed up in their own ways that you find yourself relating to them, feeling for them, and becoming attached to them. The changes that occur in this boy while in the hospital are intriguing. He splits life into anchors and tentacles, anchors being things that keep him happy and stable, tentacles being things that stress him out or make him get worse mentally. While in the hospital, Craig (the teenager) discovers a new anchor that could change his life. Of course, he also meets a girl in the hospital,  no book is complete without some form of love story haha! Anyway, this was a pretty good read, it was an easy read (very important for me while I’m in school) and it had me hooked from the beginning!

On another book related note, my boyfriend has finally convinced me to join the dark side. We have made a deal: I will have 1 year to finish as many books as I can on my bookshelf, then he will buy me a Kindle. I will be able to keep 50 of my favourite books, and the rest I’ll either donate to charity, garage sale, or give to friends. I think this will help me a) read my books b) stop buying books and c) make moving this summer a lot easier on our backs! Do you own a Kindle? Or are you still kickin’ it old school?


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