Goodbye Sweet Summer (Not!)

I’m not quite ready for fall yet. Despite Ottawa already having frost a few days this month, the weather has been yo-yoing like no tomorrow. Yesterday it was sunny and beautiful, completely not jacket, well it was rainy and cool. I would rather fall didn’t come until after my birthday (two years ago it snowed on my birthday!) but all a girl can do is hope. Anyways, all of this to say that I haven’t fully switched over to fall nail polish colours, as much as I want to, with warm weather I just want to have pastel and bright nails. I picked up this awesome what I thought would be awesome glitter polish by Revlon called Whimsical. Not a fan. I am so unimpressed by this polish! In the bottle its a mint green with blue and pink glitter, sounds awesome right? It’s not. First of all, the green comes out clear, and each nail got about 2 pieces of glitter, worst polish purchase of life! I managed to make my nails look half decent, but it took 2 coats of a base colour plus about 4 coats of this Whimsical polish. Sorry for the rant, it’s just so sad because this was my first polish  purchase in quite a while! :(

I guess it’s time to stop buying Revlon polishes, their quality never seems to be that great, in my opinion at least. What brands do you like best?


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