100 Books in 2012: #31

While away this week, I was able to finally finish The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I do not know why I put off reading that book for so long!! It was amazing!

SPOILER ALERT!! Do not continue reading if you have not read this book!!!!!

I found Aibileen to be such an inspiration. Despite Miss Skeeter writing the actual book, I feel like Aibileen was the one risking everything, she opened her house to the interviews, continued working, and risked having a white lady at her house at least once a week. She also saw the potential consequences for her actions on a regular basis (Louvenia’s grandson, their neighbour being shot) and yet made the decision to continue with the book. Can you imagine how much bravery that must have taken?

I really enjoyed how the book was written from different people’s points of view rather than just Miss Skeeter’s side, or just Aibileen’s side.

I really liked Miss Skeeter, and found that as a character she could be easily related to. Everyone to some extent is awkward and trying to satisfy their friends, and to have her overcome this, and realize “hey I don’t need to prove anything to them” is encouraging for all readers, young and old. I was so glad when she decided to tell Stuart about the book before she accepted the wedding proposal. It made her even more respectable.

Sadly though, I didn’t overly enjoy the ending. I knew from the beginning that it couldn’t end perfectly, but it still made me sad. I was hoping that despite everything, Aibileen wouldn’t be the one to suffer. I am glad that Miss Skeeter was able to help her out though. I do wish that Hilly had gotten what she deserved in the end, but she didn’t and I guess that’s life.

Overall though, I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down once I got about 50 pages in and ended up reading into the late hours of the night by a little lamp, long after my grandma had gone to bed.


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