Who doesn’t love to eat?

Lately my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with cajun popcorn. Now it may not be 100% healthy, but I’d say that it’s much better than buttery popcorn! Here’s the recipe:

1 bag of popcorn (not buttered or very lightly butter)
1tbsp margarine (melted)
2 pinches cajun seasoning

After popping the popcorn, pour the melted margarine over the top then sprinkle the seasoning and toss. It’s so tasty! Not overly greasy, and enough flavour that you don’t miss the extra butter.

Some other healthy options I love:

Apple & peanut butter
Greek yogourt & hemp granola (I recently discovered this little gem!)
Pita & hummus
Hazelnuts (unsalted)

What kinds of healthy snacks do you enjoy?


2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love to eat?

  1. Oh em gee. Cajun popcorn?? I must try this . Right now we have a pumpkin in the house. My family has never touched it. Yet wants to throw it away. I have thoughts of making pumpkin seeds. I need to just Google the full recipe for it. But i love pumpkin seeds. I believe all i gotta do is toss the seeds in olive oil

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