I signed up to a new gym today, and am quite over the moon about it. Well, more so the price than the actual gym. So in Canada Goodlife has created a “lower-end” gym called Fit4Less. It has all the weight machines, free weights/barbells, and cardio machines that Goodlife has, it just lacks the classes, showers, saunas, etc. But really, I’m a student, all I need is somewhere to get my exercise on. I never shower at gyms anyway, so I can deal.. The only thing I was actually upset about was that there are no water fountains. There are taps in the bathroom, so I guess that will suffice. Also, there are individual change rooms rather than a men and women’s which is kind of nice, except they smell a little sweaty. Anyway, this lower end gym only costs me $10 a month! Can you believe it? I used to be at Goodlife, and paid over 4 times that!! If you have one of these in your area it’s worth signing up for if you can look past the showers, water fountains and classes.

Here are some cue cards I made for my trips to the gym so I don’t feel so lost.

I hope these can help you at the gym too!


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