Shrimp Tacos!

I love shrimp. I love tacos. I love fish tacos especially. Tonight I had a huge craving for fish tacos, but didn’t have any fish to make them with. Then I remembered the shrimp tacos I’d had at Boston Pizza a few months ago, and decided I would attempt it. I found a good recipe here, but changed up the style of shrimp. I did keep the slaw though and man are they ever tasty! It’s just the right amount of cool and spice mixed together!

Here’s how I did my shrimp:
Thawed raw tiger shrimp, shelled them, dipped them in raw egg and then into a mixture of flour, panko and cajun seasoning. I then fried them up. Easy as that!

The slaw recipe is super simple as well, just some cabbage, jalapeno, and a mayo/sugar/cayenne sauce.

Oh how I love these.


I don’t have a picture of the assembled taco because I’m going to eat them for lunch tomorrow at placement, I just had to taste test tonight of course!

P.S. Working on a DIY recipe book, pics soon!


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