The Vending Machine… of Books

This week I went to Toronto to visit my best friend, before going to spend a few days with my Dad and his family for an early Christmas. Ever since my friend and I heard about the  Biblio-Mat at the Monkey’s Paw on Dundas West, we counted down the days until we could go. The bookstore itself was eccentric (it does specialize in rare and out of print books), it was interesting to take a peak around. So we went and put in our 2 dollars a piece and out popped our books. The machine was plain to look at but after you put your money in, it whirred and whirred and then rang like you won the lottery and spit out your book with a thud.

My friend got a book called “The Synopsis of Surgery” it’s 102 years old. We flipped through it and read some interesting things, for example, 100 years ago, Syphilis was treated with mercury.

I got a book about 40 years old about airplanes, not as exciting as my friend’s but cool nonetheless.


Have you been here before? What did you get?



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