I’m Sorry!!

Sorry for the brief period of MIA, the boy and I went to the Dominican Republic for our Reading Week. It was both of our first time going on a trip like that and it was amazing!

the viewThe view from one of our rooms

I did, however manage to get a lot of reading done. I finished At First Sight by Nichola Sparks, and Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. I’m also about 400 pages into A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin. Talk about light reading on the beach!


At First Sight was actually kind of unpredictable (at some parts) and was pretty difficult to put down. Baby Proof I 100% couldn’t put down, pretty sure I devoured it in 2 days on the beach! I was kind of annoyed with the ending, I wanted a more concrete ending. I wouldn’t say that I loved the book, I found it very Sex and the City-esque, but I wanted to know what happened so I forced myself to power through. I definitely enjoyed Something Borrowed and Something Blue better. As for a Feast for Crows, it’s definitely not my favourite Game of Thrones book so far, but it’s good. The 3rd season starts in just over a month! Is anyone else as excited as I am!?!?



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