Life, oh crazy life

I know my posts are sporadic and that I keep apologizing, but I’m seriously sorry! Just bear with me for 2 more months (I graduate from college in April!) Then my posts will be consistent and worthy :)

On another note, I finished another Emily Giffin book – Love the one you’re with. I did not enjoy it, I mean yes it was a nice and easy read, but I was annoyed and almost disgusted by the main character. Maybe that’s a little harsh and judgemental but I can’t help it! Near the end I was just thinking “let’s get this over with already” and forced myself to power through.

Basically the book is about a woman who is married to her best friends brother. She runs into her exboyfriend and starts rethinking things, and unearths things that make her wonder ‘what if.’

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about all of this chick lit, so I’m happy to announce I am currently working my way through Emma by Jane Austen.

Have you read any Jane Austen classics?


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