Books, Scarves and Hot Pink Nails

Life is crazy! With one month left of school, the hunt for a full time job is on. I’ve had 1 interview so far and have another one this week (fingers crossed!)

All week I couldn’t get my nose out of Self-Defence by Jonathan Kellerman. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Jonathan Kellerman’s work. I am slowly but surely working through every single Dr. Delaware novel he has written. They are murder mysteries, but from the point of view of a psychologist who consults for the police (much like Dr. Sweets on Bones), anyway, they book are always captivating and rarely can I predict who the killer is which I love. I’m trying to read A Complicated Kindness now instead of jumping into another Kellerman book.

I also finished another scarf this week. It’s the same pattern that took me 8 months to knit my own scarf with, but I jumped up needle sizes (10.5 to 13) and used less stitches cause the yarn was bulkier and I knit it up in a week and it’s super soft and cozy.

scarfSorry about the ridiculous photo, what do you think? I wish it was little longer but I always run out of yarn.



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