Procrastinator, to the max..

I have a confession. For the past 2 weeks, rather than study, I have immersed myself in books. I’ve been reading anywhere and everywhere I can, when really I should be stuffing my brain with everything there is to know about working with people with disabilities, medical terms, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Instead, I’ve read 3 books and fully intend to soak in the bath tonight with a new one.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks – I know I always complain about how predictable Mr. Sparks’ books are, but I seriously could not put this one down, I assumed what was going to happen would eventually happen, but I was still on the edge of my seat when it did. I would have to say this one by far was my favourite Nicholas Sparks book.

The Condition by Jennifer Haigh – I was disappointed with the ending of this book, it was quite anti-climactic. It’s about a family struggling to connect and cope with each other. The daughter of the family has Turner Syndrome, she falls in love, and her family struggles to deal with this. The book didn’t really need to be as long as it was, there were a lot of things that weren’t really relevant to the main story line (cough the ending, cough.) However, I couldn’t put it down, I felt like I was part of the family, I felt the awkwardness, I felt the pain. It was incredibly written.

What have you read lately?


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