Officially not a student!

Today is a special day, today I wrote my last exam of college. Meaning I have finally finished my degree and diploma and am not a student anymore! Six years of postsecondary is long enough for me! The thought of not going back to school in September is scary, but welcome.

I went to Toronto this week to visit my best friends. Here’s a couple photos from the past week or so.


Little baby booties for my friend’s baby


I walked 4km to get this badboy. Beartrap tea is delish!


Now that school’s done I can start reading classics I’ve never read!

What are you reading this week?



2 thoughts on “Officially not a student!

  1. Hi Sweetie
    We are so proud of you, you have dealt with a lot and still managed to stick with your education.
    You will be greatly rewarded and so will any employer lucky enough to get you.
    Now is the time to build your professioal reputation and become the person employers seek rather than the employee who seeks work.
    You have picked a career that suits you and your personal values and you will be a most valuable asset to any employer but most importantly, you will help every person you come in contact with.
    We wish you all the sucess that you deserve and we want you to know how pround your aunt and uncle in Texas are of you.
    We love you so much.
    Uncle Rod and Aunt Kathy

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