Stop! It’s Runnin’ Time!

Running and I have always had an on again off again relationship. I usually go through running sprees, particularly when I’ve signed up for an event and gotten carried away and forgot to train. I still manage to survive the runs, albeit they are only 10 or 5kms not 1/2 marathons. I’ve always wanted to do a half marathon, but school has always gotten in the way. I was training for one a few years ago, during my fourth year of university, and after making it to the 13km mark in my training, school overwhelmed me and I lost my ‘mojo.’

Now that I’m done school, I’ve decided to step it up and finally complete this goal of mine! Typically, I’ve always timed my runs, but just the overall start to finish time. I map out my routes (I used to have the Nike+ in my shoe, but I ran through some mud one day and ruined the chip) on the computer so I know how far I’ve run. This week, when I decided to stick to my training, I decided to map out my route, and work on my pacing. I originally set my pace at 8min/km because I haven’t been running much lately, but my cardio is still good from the gym. I wrote out where on my route I needed to be at what time in order to keep my pace. Let me just tell you, this is the best thing I could have done!

1) My goal pace was easily surpassed. I ended up running just under 7min/km
2) I was much more motivated to keep running rather than walk. I could see where I needed to be, and was able to push myself to go past that.
3) In 2 days, I’ve shaved almost 15 seconds off my overall time. (I know, it’s only been 2 days, I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes!)

I just can’t believe it’s taken me 8 years of running to realize how effective this is!

Sunday – 3km in 20:50
Monday – 3km in 20:37

Tomorrow I’m gunna add a km, and hopefully keep my pace.

How do you motivate yourself when you run/exercise?



2 thoughts on “Stop! It’s Runnin’ Time!

  1. Nice! A half marathon is such a great distance. It’s not easy and requires work but it’s not as time-consuming or body-tiring as a full marathon. I use an app called RunKeeper. It’s on my iPhone and since I use my iPhone to listen to music when I run, I only have to carry the one thing.
    It shows your pace, maps where you go, and shows your splits.
    Also – good music (for me) is crucial! Right now Macklemore is on repeat!
    Good luck!

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