Link up #4

LinkUp4-Cover (2)Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do the 3rd link-up because I was out of town, I’ll make sure to put extra effort into this week’s post! This week we were given 5 questions to answer about book covers. Here goes!

1) Do you judge a book by its cover?

I’m going to have to go with yes on this one. I refuse to buy books when they have covers advertising the movie version of the book! I hate that. I’m more likely going to pick up a book that has an intriguing cover than one that simply says the title, or something simple like that.

2) How important is cover design to you?

Hmm… I’d say fairly important, but if I’ve heard good things about a particular book, I’ll still pick it up regardless of the cover (unless it has a movie picture, then I’ll wait until I can find a non-movie version.) I think I only own a maximum of 2 books that have movie covers and that’s because they were gifts. I don’t willingly pick those up haha!

3) Share your favourite book cover.

I’m going to cheat here and show you more than one, sorry!

75479I love how abstract this one is, however, I feel like it really has nothing to do with the book, and makes the book appear a lot more light-hearted than it is.

242006This cover is intriguing, don’t try to tell me you don’t want to read this book after looking at this picture! I also feel like it suits the book perfectly. P.s. if you haven’t read this book yet, you NEED to! It’s hilarious.

10805160I haven’t read this book yet, and I love this author, so I was going to by this book regardless of the cover, but I think this is my favourite cover. It’s so haunting.

4) What book surprised you most, despite its unappealing cover design?

Another tough question, I have 2 picks.

7937843This book is amazing! It’s horrific, but amazing. The cover tells you none of this. The cover makes this book child-like and more upbeat than it should be.

7445Another hilarious book, but can you tell from the cover? No. The cover makes this book appear drab, and as a serious memoir. It is neither of these and deserves a much more appealing cover!

5) In your opinion, what makes a book cover intriguing?

Well, definitely something abstract that draws you and makes you wonder. I personally prefer pictures that take up the entire cover, not something small like above on The Glass Castle. Colour is also very key! Nobody likes black and white, haha!

What are you favourite book covers?








3 thoughts on “Link up #4

  1. YOU PICKED ROOM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the cover design stinks like poo but the content inside is AMAZING, love that book even though it totally creeps me out. The Glass Castle is another great choice, content that is. Thanks for joining the link-up and participating. Happy Reading! Blessings + Hugs. =)

  2. I also agree, I refuse to buy the movie cover books.
    I completely forgot about Running with Scissors. I love that book, and the cover is definitely intriguing.
    Check out my latest post to see my favorite!

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