The life of a working adult.. oh joy!

I’m sorry for this post in advance, I hope it doesn’t turn into a huge rant! For those of you who don’t know, I just finished 6 years of post-secondary. I’m still in my early 20’s, and I’m feeling a little shell-shocked. I haven’t started the ‘working’ life yet, I still am juggling multiple part time jobs, going into 1 full time job at the end of August.

Knowing that I will never have to read another textbook, write another paper, or do another presentation is such a relief, but at the same time, terrifying.  What will I do to fill the time I’m not at work? When I come home at night, what will I do? I can actually watch tv shows I like, read books I want to, knit, have a bubble bath? I’m scared that I will have too much free time. I feel like I need to keep doing courses, or partake in something to keep my mind sharp and my life busy.

I feel like there are so many things I want to do now though. I can finally read the 90+ books sitting on my shelf. I can start training for the half-marathon I’ve been wanting to do since 3rd year university. I can take up yoga. All of these ideas sound amazing. But at the same time, I just want to take general interest courses at my college. Tea Sommelier? Yes, please. Animal Husbandry? Ok, maybe not so much. Sign language? Yes. I just feel like there’s so much out there for me to learn! I just want to learn forever! (Okay…. I’m kind of sounding a little bit ridiculous now.) I know that I can’t take classes forever, but I feel…I don’t know. Anxious, maybe?

Sorry again! How did you feel when/if you finished school and made the transition to an adult? What do you do to keep busy?








One thought on “The life of a working adult.. oh joy!

  1. When I graduated, after 6 years of University, I thought I was ready. I felt all the same things you’re feeling. It freaked me out so I went back to school – this time for a 1 year certificate program at a community college.

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