My week in pictures

IMAG0546I caved yesterday and on impulse, bought a Kindle! I haven’t really used it yet, I’m scared to let it leave the house without a case. Once I get my case in the mail I’ll use it more :) I’ll hopefully finally finish the 4th Thrones book!

IMAG0547I BBQ’ed some veggies today for lunch, they turned out really well actually! I used acorn squash, baby carrots, baby potatoes, red pepper and onions, tossed ’em in olive oil and then grilled them. Next time I will put the onions on near the end, they got pretty black.

I also made feta & sundried tomato stuff chicken with a panko crust today, but I forgot to take a picture. The chicken was really juicy, but I’m not a fan of sundried tomatoes – they kind of taste like stinky feet – so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked.



New teas from Teavana! These 2 mixed together over ice is soooo delicious!! (Blueberry Bliss & Pineapple Kona Pop) I added a bit of rock sugar to make it less sour. My new favourite iced tea :)

IMG_20130517_224809Just a lovely fire in the backyard :)

How was your week?



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