Link up #6


This week’s link up is super exciting! I’ve loved reading since I was a child. My parents read to me when I was very young, and by kindergarten I was reading well above my grade level. Needless to say my book obsession started young! Trying to think of my favourites is tough (as usual, haha) but at least a few have popped into my head.

1) Charlotte’s Web
charlottes-web-coverThis book has been one of my favourites since I can remember. I know I saw the movie a million times, and when it was redone with Dakota Fanning I couldn’t resist watching it. The book is just so easy to read, and teaches such a great lesson about believing in yourself that every child should read it!

2) Number the Stars


I remember reading this book in grade school and falling in love with it. A young girl risking her own life to help her best friend (who is Jewish) was such a shocking book to read so young, but I never forgot about this book. I could never remember the title and searched for it forever, until one day at placement at an elementary school I saw it sitting on the shelf and immediately wrote down the title so I could reread it now!

3) Any Walt Disney Book. Ever!



I remember having the entire Disney collection in those giant books, but this one was by far my favourite. I watched the movie until it didn’t work anymore, and read the book until it was falling apart. The Jungle Book is definitely still my favourite Disney  movie ever.

4) Little Women

LittleWomen6Last but not least, I loved Little Women growing up. This along with Little House on the Prairie were probably the books I read over and over.

Guess that wasn’t so hard after all!

What were your favourite childhood books?



8 thoughts on “Link up #6

  1. These are great picks!! Surprisingly, I never read Charlotte’s Web, but I loved the Jungle Book and Little Women! I also never read Number The Stars, but it sounds like an amazing and moving book!

  2. I have only read Little Women, but I am fairly certain I read nearly all those Disney books! Perhaps I should give Charlotte’s Web a whirl…
    Thanks for linking up!

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