About Me



Hello! My name is Kyla. I’m a 20-something college student in Ottawa, Ontario. I like books, crafts, food, fitness, cats, you name it, I probably like it. I started this blog almost a year ago so I could share my nail art with my friends, and other nail blogs. The past 10 months have transformed this blog into a stockpile of everything. I’ve started posting about everything that interests me and things I feel like people would be interested in as well.

Fun facts

I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood!)
I watch way too much of the Food Network
I’ve run about 10 10km races (mostly fundraisers)
love Cheerios mixed into yogourt
I met my boyfriend in a Psychopathy Class (kind of a weird place to meet right?) but we’ve been goin’ strong ever since!


Run a 1/2 marathon
Run a full marathon
Get a real job
Travel the world
Learn to surf
Become fluent in American Sign Language and French


Book: The jury’s still out on this… it changes almost every week.
Author: Tana French
Food: Seafood, Tacos.
Band: Lady Antebellum


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