Annd so summer begins..

I finally had a little bit of time and inspriration to paint my nails with something other than a solid colour. I used a skinny nail art brush to do the outlining, it doesn’t look as leoprard-y as I’d like but they still look pretty good I think.


What do your nails look like this week?



My New Obsession(s)

This week, for some reason, I’m very nail inspired, and I thoroughly enjoy my dotting tools. So I ended up doing new Valentine’s Day nails again, here they are:

Polka Dots

Another new obsession is grilled cheese with hot banana peppers in it. Delish!! Wanna know the secret to the perfect grilled cheese? ¬†You have to cook it on low-medium heat and slowly toast it and let the cheese melt and get all gooey. I find too many people cook their grilled cheeses on higher heat and then the bread doesn’t get as toasty.

Before melting

Toasty deliciousness

Have you tried this before? Delicious!!

Patterns Galore

I finally decided to try my dotting tool for a real design. I think they came out pretty well actually!



Here are my friend’s nails for this week.



What do your Valentine’s Day nails look like?

Birds on a wire

Inspired by a Hallmark card, and excited over the whole Sharpie on nail business, I came up with these last night.


They smudged a bit, probably cause I didn’t wait long enough before I put the top coat on. I used the watercolour technique for the base.

Stay Golden Ponyboy

Inspired by TBD, I decided to try out using permanent marker on my nails. I didn’t actually have a gold Sharpie, but I had a gold opaque paint marker that seems to work the same (see picture below). I really like how these turned out. I have the same marker in a berry colour, so look for a new design with that one coming soon!

Pro tip: Wait for the base colour to fully dry, or else it will look bumpy. Also, top coat is key for this to stay on your nails!




Have you tried this new technique?